Leveraging Our Strengths Ottawa

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Canada Aviation and Space Museum, (11 Aviation Pkwy)

2016 was the 5th year of Leveraging Our Strengths partnership – taking the conversation forward from the theme of Collective Impact to putting the wheels in motion for cross-sector action and leveraging tools for the growing social enterprise and wider social innovation sector.

The 2016 theme, Growing Social Enterprise and Wider Social Innovation was the result of growing realization that, along with philanthropy and government aid, private enterprise can contribute to solving social and environmental problems. Simultaneously, a growing number of investors are expressing a desire to take a different approach to community investment.

Social Finance, including social enterprise, is changing the way we work together to address critical problems facing our communities. Now more than ever, Canadians are joining forces by using the best business and community approaches to invest and grow impactful ventures and initiatives that provide a financial return to investors.

The September 2016 conference was an opportunity to create a common understanding about the social finance and social enterprise needs and opportunities in Ottawa through a series of practically focused presentations and interactive sessions. View photos from the event here.The conference focused on:

  • Building understanding and awareness of social finance, social innovation and social enterprise
  • Exploring creative ways to diversify and increase funding for your mission
  • Building a social enterprise as a means of generating income
  • Talking to your Board about taking on risk both financially and collaboratively
  • Developing a future vision of doing good in our community and opportunities to work collectively

View Details about the 2016 theme here

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